The project is being developed to explore the use of wearables to stimulate peoples curiosity towards their environment.

We are exploring how communication via wearables can be used to stimulate informal cooperative action by people super powers to communicate with each other and share foraging skills and knowledge.

We will be exploring the metaphor of food foraging super powers to engage people with foraging and to play with the idea that foraging knowledge is a kind of super sense that allows people to sense hidden treasures.

We are exploring the use of wearables to stimulate curiosity by alerting people to look around for available food.

The SuperForagers want to impact positively the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. Using foraged food as a shared activity to promote skills, dialogue and build a sense of belonging and community; all key to individual and community mental health and wellbeing

Engage, connect and rebuild/create new communities through the ideas surrounding urban wildness, harvestable foods and medicine, and the role of biodiversity within the modern cities, towns and neighbourhoods

Support the development of food skills can provide the tools to improve diet and nutrition and also impact on people’s self-esteem, confidence and overall mental wellbeing (The Mental Health Foundation in Sustain in Changing Diets, Changing Minds; how food affects our mental wellbeing and behaviour)

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