SuperForagers are a group of artists based in Liverpool UK who co-produce to adapt and change urban space and systems.


SAMANTHA JONES initiated SuperForager, is an artist, co-producer, researcher and Pie Ambassador who looks to examine the local and global technological drivers that support and challenge sustainable communities . For the last for years hes has been undertaking a research collaboration with Homebaked a community co-production commission initiated by Liverpool Biennial and Jeanne van Heeswijk the winner of Leonore Annenberg prize for Art and Social Change. She has a MA in Multimedia Arts and currently completing a PhD collaboration with Liverpool Biennial to evaluate the impact of their programmes on the wellbeing of local communities. She has previously explored the natural environment through the Cape Farewell commission ‘Call and Response’, inhabiting Hilbre Island between tides to work with members of local choirs to utilize the human voice and environment. Through the commission Inherit Acoustic and the programme she led SonicStreams she has worked with patients to develop sensory public artwork for installation within a number of hospitals and health centres including Wild Song at Dawnwith Bafta Award winning environmental recordist Chris Watson. She runs CHEFtech a social enterprise to support local communities to access open hardware and open data with the aim to enable social change. She will be presenting her research on alternative economic food systems and the technological citizen through the case study ‘Homebaked’ at the Royal Geographic Society and Royal College of Art this Autumn 2014 www.samanthajones.info contact@samanthajones.info



LAURA PULLIG works is a visual artist who works with craft and technologies. She is interested in how we interact with the environment, digital and analogue technologies. Her work explores how we can use technology to re-enchant and re-imagine our relationship with nature and visualising living systems. She uses craft materials and techniques to make handmade sensors and interactive artworks; making objects and artworks that are tactile and respond to input such as touch and environmental changes such as heat, wind and rain. She has completed an MA in Art as Environment at MIRIAD, part of Manchester School of Art, as part of her studies she researched technology and participation. She explores how prototyping using craft and electronics can be used to engage people in making interactive artworks. Laura uses these techniques in the delivery of community engagement and education programmes.


NEIL WINTERBURN is an artist and child computer interaction researcher. He takes particular interest in generative art processes, using fantasy to frame the creative involvement of participants. Examples of this include collaborating with teenagers to create models of thoughts using computer games and giant papercraft sculptures, and working with older adults to evaluate speculative laser communications technologies. Working with Re-Dock Neil has focused on devising project frameworks and exploring the use of educational and participatory activities to equip collaborators with new technical and conceptual tools. Neil coordinates the Flunstellas project, which explore thoughts and feelings as living things that inhabit social spaces. He has recently completed an Mres in Child Computer Interaction with the ChiCI group at UCLAN, focusing on the participatory design of affective systems for teenagers.

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