Make your own?


The aim of all SuperForagers work is to all our technology and ideas it open to as many people and communities to get involved.

We will be uploading accessible learning materials for the SuperForager belt once it is complete and through CHEFtech we look to produce modular open source kits for ALL to MAKE and use.

cheftech image

CHEFtech is a social enterprise exploring ethical forms of food productionand human habitation, networked technology & entrepreneurship to produce alternative economics systems

Culture, co-creation, collaborating, cooking, conversing, collecting, cultivating, constructing, crafting, camping, connecting Health, home, house, habitat, horticulture, harvesting, hospitality .Environment, ecology, energy, education, ethical, economics, enterprising,exploring, engaging, Food, film, flora, fauna, foraging, farming, future,

If you are interesteted in making your own SuperForager or want to work with us on our projects email us at

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